Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roll My Eyes And Have A Drink!

Ok, I was going to write about Cotogna last night, but I was too tired.  This has been happening to me a lot lately.  I get exhausted around 9, fall asleep on the couch, but the minute I get up and go to bed, I'm wide awoke!  Then I don't go to sleep till late, get up early and start the whole routine again!  I'd say its stress..... bring it on!
Bill At The Building Department
We got the plans into the Town Of San Anselmo yesterday, though they want two more sets of plans (4 full sets @ $200 a pop!).  $2,000 later and lots of paper work, we wait again.... 3-6 weeks we were told.  This is just plan check fees, we'll see what the final bill is when I have the permit in hand.....bring it on!

I was complaining to my contractor who juggles 4 or 5 restaurant projects at a time in several counties and towns, about all the bureaucracy and how long it takes to deal with these agencies and he said, "Louise, I've finally just learned to roll my eyes and have a drink!"  So that's my new mantra..... roll my eyes and have a drink!

We did have a wonderful meal at Cotogna the other night.  We sat at the bar in front of their beautiful imported Italian wood oven and pizza oven.  It was the best seat in the house, little warm though.  We got to watch everything being prepared and ask a million questions of the chefs.  The pizza was great, though I think my dough is better.  They had some stellar dishes, my favorite being the Green Garlic Sformato with snap, snow peas & pea tendrils.  It was served on a bed of Parmesan & goat cheese fonduta.  It left spring singing on my palate!  I loved the fact that many things on the menu are one price for any selection, for example, all first courses are $17.  Especially the wine, all wine by the glass is $10, all bottles are $40.  I'm sure this all works out in the long run.  It less confusing on the menu, but for those trying to find a deal not so great.
What do you all think, do you think generic pricing is beneficial, fair, less confusing, desirable?

Every time I go to other restaurants I learn something new.  Good and bad, I learn what to do and not to do!   I love to see what other new ideas people are employing, whether for food, service or decor.  It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are, how ingenious, and the extent to which one will push the envelope.  There is something out there for everyone.  Dining has become such a show, its experiential theater for one of life's most basic necessities...nourishment!
A whole blog could be written on nourishment.

bring it on...... 

Ah, look at that porchetta!

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