Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers, Seeds & Laying Low

My Mamma Back in the Day
Happy belated Mother's Day!  I hope you all had a lovely day mothers, and were treated royally.  Next year, you'll all be able to come to Pizzalina for a wonderful Mother's Day brunch or dinner. 

I had a great day, very full.  I started out the day with my Sunday School class.  I love me my church children.  We had a little discussion about the commandment to honor thy father and mother, and what that means, and then we made bracelets with colorful glass heart beads for their moms.  After church I went home and had a delicious lamb kabob diner with my son, mother, brother and sister.  We celebrated with fresh squeezed minted lemonade mimosas.  By days end I was exhausted, and I'm still recovering from running a little too much last week.  I've spent the last few days laying low, doing paperwork, accounting, computer work, phone calls, planning and strategizing. 

But it is also spring, and time to get my garden up and growing if I am to be able to harvest wonderful, exotic vegetables for the restaurant!  I've spent the last week preparing the beds.  I'm only able to turn one bed at a time (hand dug).  Gone are the days I could turn the whole garden in a day without blinking.  Now the old body just don't bounce back like it used to!  So, day by day.  But I did get my seeds from the Italian Seed Company and I can't wait to get them in the ground!  I'm hoping next year I can actually hire someone to create a real sustainable farm on my little homestead, complete with chickens, goats, rabbits, and plenty of herbs, veggies, fruit trees and maybe we'll even try our own vineyard!  My neighbor has some great syrah on his property that I hope to have on our wine list, so why not?!  What could be more local, sustainable, organic than that!

cheers lovelies & remember to honor thy father and mother  .......

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