Saturday, May 19, 2012

Phase Two

2 Days Later
 It's ALIVE!  48 hours later, as you can see, its forming beautiful bubbles.  That's the war between yeast and bacteria, but more important, its what makes those glorious bubbles that rise in the crown of the pizza crust, char on the outside, and remain chewy and flavorful on the inside.... Oooo, yummy!

So anyway, out onto the table it goes, it gets cut up into portions, approximately 9.5 oz each and then they are hand kneaded into nice tight little balls and placed into the dough proofing box.

The box is now back in the fridge where they will proof another 2 days.  Monday is pizza day.  I'm a little curious about how this 2 & 2 day proof will turn out.  The dough is an art and a science and I can't help myself, its all in the experimentation that you learn the essence of its nature. There are so many other factors that go into the dough, but that may be a posting for another day!

Bet you can't wait to see those little dough balls tomorrow.... I can't!  So, here is the million dollar question..... What is your favorite pizza topping?


Its Alive!

9.5 oz

Hand Kneaded Into A Tight Ball

Back Into Fridge Till Monday

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