Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preparation Day

24 Hours Later

Dough balls are growing!  24 hours in the fridge, they've doubled in size and are starting to show signs of bubbles trapped within.  A good sign.  Should be perfect by tomorrow. 

Also making up a batch of sausage from my friends small and loving farm in Penngrove, Split Rail Farm.  It's a beautifully marbled cut of pork butt, butchered from one of her pigs that are raised in a large pasture with room to root around and play. They are fed kitchen scraps that are cooked into slop along with there regular piggy food. I almost don't want to use such an incredible piece of meat for sausage, but why not the best?!  Anyway Jane and her husband are farmers, chefs and their farm is 100% sustainable and organic.  Jane was my neighbor and my sons babysitter back in the day, so I'm so happy to support her.  We'll certainly be featuring some of their products at the restaurant.  You can check out their website and visit them at the Saturday Larkspur Landing Farmers Market

Ready for another week, hoping to hear back from the Health Department!


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