Wednesday, May 2, 2012


When all else fails, and the week is full of boring, monotonous details, I put on a photo that makes me remember why I'm doing this!  Here's this weeks photo if inspiration, the first pie I made at the Verace Pizza Napoletana where I got my Pizzaiola certificate.  A damn fine pie I might add.  There's plenty more of those to go around soon.

So this week has been lots of phone calls and meetings.... pricing, info, bids on all kinds of boring but necessary business stuff.  Some of it redundant, more of the same, payroll, merchant services, HR, tables/chairs/banquettes, dishwashers, exterior signs, lighting, concrete & plaster colors for floors and walls. Back and forth with approvals for the storefront designs and outdoor patio which has to be compliant with the ABC.  On and on.  Then I started looking into these new iPad/cloud based POS systems.  They're very attractive and less money than traditional POS.  I'm researching, but I think some maybe better than others.  Anyway, thank God I have time now to make these decisions informed, instead of last minute under pressure!

Finally got my Pizzalina Facebook page started tonight.  Please search me out on Facebook and "Like" me.  Hahaha, it seems so pathetic to ask people to "Like" you!  But it does spreads the word.  My friend Alicia Brooke Gray is helping me get all my social networking act together.  She admonished me today for not having my site up.... bad me, I really knew better!  I'm grateful to her for helping me get the whole thing up and working together in an interactive manner.  She manages several business social media accounts and is also doing some press work for me.  So if you need any PR or media marketing,  she's awesome!  Oh, did I mention she's a killer photographer -

I have to give my Macy back tomorrow..... boo-hoo.  You see I'm just her foster mom while she's here waiting to be bred by the Guide Dogs For the Blind.  It's amazing how quickly you can get attached to a sweetheart dog!

Ciao bella.....

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