Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inside Scoop SF - Carey Sweet

Inside Scoop SF » Behind the scenes at Pizzalina and the frustrations of restaurant permits 

Hahaha check this out..... a blog about my blog!  Or should I say "The Blog" about my restaurant opening!  ...... thank you Ms. Sweet.

So tonight after GOOD news from the Health Department, I came home from a spectacular dinner at Cotogna with my bookkeeper and friend Chef Ian, popped open my RSS feed to read through my Inside Scoops, and low and behold I'm staring at a picture of me.  It takes a minute to register, then I see "Pizzalina" and crack up!  Wow, I made the Inside Scoop.  You'll have to pardon me for a minute, but after years of seeing Mark and everyone else I know and have worked with in print, and being star-struck and in awe of those I don't know, this is totally surreal!

But on to the Health Department.... So, my architects Bill Craig and George Federighi, bless their hearts, ran interference for me today and got the whole thing straightened out.  It seemed to be a minor miscalculation that could have turned into a major fiasco, but they caught it, and Bill walked in the new calculations and a hand drawn revision and presto!  Stamped, approved, complete with a signed letter.  I told Priscilla I was going to frame it, she said, "Oh, your not through yet".  I laughed, but I knew it.
Just when things seem the most frustrating, something breaks.  Patience & faith, I keep telling myself.

Tomorrow morning Bill and I take the approved plans into the City of San Anselmo for our Building Permit Application!  Major monument.  Hopefully we'll have our Building Permit in hand in 2-4 weeks.  Now I just have to figure out how to get some more money in the bank quick, seeing as I've already blown over budget on the architect/permit fees!  Lord, encamp your angels all around me.....

More on Cotogna tomorrow......


  1. I am so excited for your restaurant to open! Maybe you should try Kickstarter for some quick cash?

  2. Thank you! That's a great idea, I didn't think about it but a few people have recommended it. See you soon...... ;)