Monday, May 7, 2012

Live, love, laugh...

My new motto, makes the thyme taste better!
A good and beautiful morning to you!  Man, the weather has been incredible.  I'm trying to get my garden together but there's been so much to do!  Gonna go get my tomatoes today and turn over the soil.  I've found a great online seed catalog that specializes in Italian seeds, can't wait to start a bunch of stuff for the restaurant!  I used to smuggle seeds back from Italy in my suitcase, thank God for the internet!

We got a letter back from Environmental Health on Saturday and I'm pleased to say, from the looks of things, the laundry list isn't too bad.  Gotta check with all the "powers that be", the architects to see how bad it really is.  If all can be corrected quickly, we could be through the health department by next week, then its on to the city!  That is great!  I'm impressed,  they said it would be 20 days and it was 18 days!

So phone calls today..... I also meet with Chef Douglas today to bring him up to speed on the design and permits, etc.  This week I need to get some things finalized, I hate all these things hanging in the air.  I guess I need to get used to it.  Hahaha, some things you really have to give up trying to control.  What you learn in this process is, the mission is bigger than you!  It's like having a child.  You give birth to them, and shape them and teach them, but God made them unique and special in their own right, with their own gifts and mission.  At some point, who they are starts superseding who you think they should be, and they walk into their own.  I have a feeling this restaurant process is the same way!  I can shape it and mold it, and coax it into being, but at some point, if I listen, it will fulfill its own predestined purpose.  Where's my tambourine?!

If it turns out like my son, Charles who I am so incredibly proud of and is graduating next month, I will be more blessed than I can ever count.


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