Friday, May 11, 2012

Victories large & small

So I started this week's post with the Health Department and Charles' upcoming graduation and I'm finishing this week with a praise report!  First off, Team Pizzalina (that would be my architects & contractor) got everything on the list redesigned, redrafted, compiled and submitted today.  If all goes well I may be signed off with the Health Department by the end of next week!  Then its off to the City of San Anselmo for our Building Application.  Step by step, small victories, one foot in front of the other.  Just when I was starting to get antsy and impatient.  Yesterday and today I felt anxious and cranky, like things weren't happening fast enough, too many loose ends, nothing felt final or concrete.  Everything hanging in the air.  Limbo.  No peace.

But after a beautiful walk with my friend Mimi along the San Francisco Bay and a trip down to Santa Clara to see Charles' Senior Mechanical Engineering Project Presentation, all was kinda put into perspective.  Not only was the presentation incredibly good contextually, and their devise a sound and viable product to better the marketplace, but Charles, Greg & Keegan were all great public speakers!  I watched as they mesmerized the professors, judges and industry leaders in the room.  Smiles, curiosity and pride passed over these peoples faces, and at the end of the presentation they were flooded with tough questions that they handled with just as much precision and poise as the testing of their devise.  I got home tonight after an uplifting choir rehearsal to find out they had won first prize for their project in both Junior and Senior Divisions.  Go Team Railwave!

Its important at times to let go, step back and look at the bigger picture, turn off the chatter, celebrate others, and trust God for all else.


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