Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunset Supper at DaVero

 OMG, What a beautiful evening at DaVero! Colleen and Ridge Evers of DaVero Olive Oil and Wines in Headsburg hosted a spectacular "Sunset Supper" last night, which they do every last Thursday's of the month with a rotating guest chef in their stunning tasting room.  It's classic Sonoma Style.  We started the evening in the courtyard amongst the vines, with the sun slowing gliding the tree tops and adding an extra rosy glow to the fabulous DaVero Estate Rosato and Vermentino that was poured for starters.  Amidst monster artichoke plants, water sculpture and willowy baby olive trees, the intimate fellowship began as Ridge and Colleen greeted their guests with appetizers of Ahi stuffed cherry tomatoes and duck breast on crostini with pinot braised onions.  Sean Crowley was my date.  Besides being my brother and best friend, I had to get his input on wines for our list!  And doesn't he and Colleen look smashing in the filtered rays of sunset!?

We then moved into the tasting room for diner which was transformed with a beautiful, long banquet table down the middle. Chef Ken Rochioli prepared an incredible meal beginning with a crab salad with mango and jicama, which pared beautifully with the DaVero Falco 2010 Chardonnay.  It was followed by a delicious manicotti of veal and roasted pepper pesto to accompany the 08 DaVero Estate Sangiovese.  And the main course was roasted New York Steak with porcini sauce and braised fennel and artichoke hearts with their Falco 2005 Cabernet.  The perfect ending was a dense and decadent flourless cake with mascarpone and DaVero blueberry jam served with DaVero's 2006 Cabernet.... Oh, so yummy!  I ate all mine and I don't even like flourless chocolate cake!  All of the food pared beautifully with each wine.

So don't even think about missing next month, May 31st.  Colleen herself will be cooking, my "back-in-the-day" and fellow Stew Hen (that's another story) friend from Stars and believe me when I tell you, the girl CAN cook! All proceeds from Sunset Suppers goes to support their STAR scholarship program for children of farm workers at Healdsburg High School.  Check out their website and go to the events page.

This evening left such an impression on me because it is precisely what I'd like to create at Pizzalina.  Now obviously I don't have a gorgeous winery in Sonoma County, but its not always the location, but the feel of the fellowship and food.  To all be drawn together by the food at one table; breaking bread together, laughter, stories, meeting wonderful people you never knew before, like my new friends in Corte Madera, Henry and Glenda.  We talked about this magic, of real food with real people creating real community.  It's not about "who's who" in the culinary world, or what restaurant is "hot", or chef with most-est.  Its about a table where everyone is someone and we share the common necessity of nourishing our bodies and souls through the company of each other.

Its been my idea all along to have this kind of monthly event, be it Guest Chef or Wine/Farm to Table, etc., where we can gather as a community and give back to the communtiy.  Thank you Colleen and Ridge for solidifying that idea, and illustrating it in the ever present. Ooooo, can't wait!

Be grateful & blessings to you....

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