Thursday, April 12, 2012

Front Page News!

Front page side bar of the Marin IJ
Wow, front page of the Marin IJ!  I don't know which angel to thank for that, but I'll thank Anna Haight, chief Bread & Butter correspondent there, though I may have a few others floating overhead!

I woke up today with a long to-do list.  After a morning hike with my dear friend Kate Rose and our beloved canine companions, Macy (my Guide Dog foster girl & Griffy her new bo) I was ready to meet the day.  It's a great arrangement, everyone leaves better.  I saw it on Facebook early, I thought - cool!  I reposted it feeling very proud and went about my day...... 3  interviews for the chef position, still wrestling with the sign.  3 trips now to Kinkos, its really my fault, I know nothing about resizing photographs for enlarging.  I thought Kinkos would be more help.  I'm going to a sign shop tomorrow!  A brief stop on site to get the alarm proposal signed, then on my way into the city for my other interviews.  Kate calls me and says, "It's on the front page"!  Ok I have to admit, I don't get the paper but I did run out and buy one!  I hope it's the first of many articles on a wonderful, local eatery that blesses the community in a multitude of ways. 

Also in the Bread and Butter column was the new Avatar's Punjabi Burrito in Fairfax.  I had put in an offer on that space, and the one in Larkspur only to loose both to Punjabi.  I wish them great success in their new locations and love their burritos.  I'm a firm believer that what is right for you comes in good time, if you trust.

 So I'm at the Ferry Plaza today and saw the Boccalone bike parked out front, then saw this great picture in a magazine for another decked out awesome delivery bike.  What are you trying to tell me?  Something in a very hip and  Euro-stylish bicycle with "Pizzalina" artistically painted on the side for local delivery?  What do you say gang?  Anyone got some able-bodied teenagers who'd like to earn a little extra money and exercise over the summer?  I love it and if nothing else want one to ride to work everyday!

Then I got home with a pile of computer stuff to do and my internet connection went out.  I got the ABC stuff all put in order for my appointment with them on Friday and then finally called ATT and spent an hour and a half with them getting my computer back online.  At least the second guy who helped me was so pleasant.  You realize just how important good customer service is.  As I embark to open a restaurant where customer service is everything, it just reminds me how valuable a great attitude is.  A friendly and patient person, who also knows what they're doing, is more and more a rarity these days.  You can teach a person to do a job, but you can't teach them how to enjoy it, or enjoy people.  That's an inside job.  I pray to find employees with that inside kind of love of people, kindness & joy.

nighty, night....

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