Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome Chef Douglas!

Everyone please welcome aboard my new chef, Douglas Richey!  We shook hands today over a lovely lunch that he prepared at Farallon.  Douglas put together a beautiful spring salad of fresh greens with radish, fennel, grilled asparagus, speck & squash blossoms. The grilled asparagus was a nice contrast in the salad.  We then had black bass with potato risotto, peas, beets, pickled ramp and chili zabaglione.  Douglas sheepishly admitted he got excited and put too many things on the plate, which we all agreed, but when Mark tasted the bass and said it was fantastic, I knew he was the right one.  Its more than just cooking well, you can feel his passion for food and he understands what I'm trying to create.  When I sent him my menu he was quite impressed and didn't feel it needed much more.  He's got all the local contacts, and he has some press and following of his own. He's married and ready to settle down and settle into a place he can call his own, and that's just what I'm looking for.  We've got a few months before we need to get started on the kitchen but it will come soon enough and I feel so much better having someone I feel I can trust and who's excited lined up for the task ahead.  And he makes salumi!  He's going over to Mark's this weekend to put up a batch that should be ready just in time for our grand opening!

I'm looking forward to working with him and I think he'll be a great asset to the business.

Oooo nighty-night, its late!

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