Monday, April 9, 2012

Chef ads

Today I started interviewing chefs.  I placed a Craigslist ad last week to find a chef to run the kitchen.  My its interesting what responses you get!  After reading over many ads on Craigslist and laboring over what to say and how to phrase it,  I'm shocked at some of the responses.  People either don't read the ads carefully, have an overblown sense of themselves, or they just answer everything.  You really have to read between the lines!  So when I got home today after my first 2 interviews, and I've never interviewed chefs before, I saw this hysterical Craigslist post from a friend of mine, Michael Shrader who just opened a phenomenal new restaurant, Urban Union in Chicago to much acclaim!  I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch!  I bet every chef who reads it will wish they could post an ad like that!  It takes cojones!  Warning..... it's uncensored! 

Selection 1
So then I went to several places in the city that supply tables, chairs and banquettes to the restaurants and also 3 discount fabric stores that I know of from my old upholstery days.  Found a couple of fabrics I like for the back of the long banquette that will line the entire length of the right side wall.  The seat will be a complimentary vinyl, you know the kind that wipes up after kids spill the meatballs and then proceed to tap dance on top of them!  I particularly liked these two, and they were very reasonable.  Any votes?  Personally, I think the brown will go better with red wine stains.

Selection 2
Tomorrow, more interviews.  Then I've got to get the sign done for the front of the building.  I took it in on Friday but they didn't call me to proof it and they didn't tell me they needed the file in a different format so the fonts are all wrong..... try again.  Got to follow up with the exterior sign companies, and 3 furniture resources, and then finalize the ABC application.  I also want to try out a new outdoor seating layout. 

Oh dear its late......


  1. Lou, Iv'e always said, when you open the door to craigslist, you open the door to the Zoo of the world......... Hang in there, it'll get much more interesting......Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

    Your doing a great job. Keep it up, but take care of yourself.
    Chuck Tumminia

  2. woo-hoo! im sure it will...thanks Chuck...trying....

  3. Hi Louise,
    Just saw the article in the IJ regarding your new venture at Red Hill. As Sleepy Hollow residents our family is excited about your restaurant as we are all pizza lovers, of course. Look forward to your opening ASAP!

    Lots of good luck!

    Rick & Katie Turk