Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Road Ahead

I really missed my morning on the hill with Kate,  Griffy & Macy yesterday.  It's amazing how you can get attached to something so quickly.  Since I got Macy, I've been fore fitting my time at the gym for dog walks, but the hikes have become a much welcomed ritual for all of us. The beauty of this area, the ever changing spring weather and the camaraderie and friendship of sharing life's road ahead is priceless!  I'm really trying to keep that early hour free, but yesterday I had my appointment at the ABC  in Santa Rosa to submit the beer & wine license application so I had to.

I was supposed to meet with a consultant before my appointment to look over the application and clean up any possible problems, but he called last minute and said he was still out of town...... Hmmm, good thing I felt pretty good about the leg work I'd done.  When I took it in the woman said, "Nice application"!  It is a daunting stack of papers, but now there's more! I thought you'd take it in and they'd stamp it and say, OK.  No, now I've got to post to the Marin IJ, post the little sign "soon to serve alcohol" mail back affidavits and the worst, I've got to send letters to every address in a 500 ft radius, list them and send them the list!  How'my go do that?!  Add it to Mondays "to-do" list.....

But I did finally get a proof on my "Coming Soon" sign which I'm hoping to put up by days end.  I also finally set up an interview with someone I'm very excited about, and thank God I have some friends in this business, a quick conversation last night saved me from hiring someone I was giving serious consideration to who I found out is trouble, whew!  I also, popped into "Swirl" the soft serve yogurt shop next door to meet the owner, Paul.  He's worried about me serving soft serve ice cream right next door.  He suggested ice cream, which I was originally planning to do homemade ice creams.  So, I am starting to rethink....... organic, whole milk house made ice creams or organic whole milk soft serve, vanilla & chocolate?  Which do you vote for?

Hoping to put up all my signs today.  Everything takes longer than you think!  Have a wonderful weekend.... get out and enjoy the beautiful spring!  As my Minister of Music would say.... Live, Love, Laugh.......


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