Sunday, April 15, 2012

Newest Angel

Busy weekend!  I'm tired and I've got to hit the deck running tomorrow.  Saturday I met with a guy who may be making my tables.  He had a sample to show me, but we need a little more distressing.  And I finally picked up my sign.  The people at Ram Print took my messed up graphic file which I quickly put together in PowerPoint and fixed it so it could be blown up to print large format.  I think they've just become my printers.  Yuri was a gem to work with and it looks great.  I'm putting it up tomorrow along with my notice to serve alcohol.  I have a picture tomorrow.  Yeah!

But the real score was in Patrick Coll the GM and partner at Marinitas in San Anselmo.  He is my newest angel on board.  Wow, generosity isn't the word for it.  I met him through William Craig my architect.  He knows everyone in the business, and we have many mutual friends.  Bill and I had a meeting there about a month ago and he introduced me, at which point Patrick graciously said, "Any time you need anything, come on in I'm always here."  I had been thinking about how kind an offer it was and I had been trying to get in, but something always came up.  So finally, we arranged to get together yesterday.  My God!  The wealth of his knowledge and experience, not only the stories and contacts but he actually loaded tons of articles, forms, manuals, etc. onto a zip drive for me.  I'm talking years of valuable data, collected and organized.  He just handed it to me and said, "Here, you'll need this."  I don't even no how to thank him enough.   Maybe he's always that kind or maybe sweetheart of sweetheart chefs, Heidi Krahling has rubbed off on him, whatever it is, I'm so grateful!

Everyday there are challenges and new things to figure out.  Some days I'm tired and my head is spinning with all there is to do and figure out.  Some days there are surprises I didn't see coming, but its these unforeseen blessings in the form of people and their generosity that encourage me so.  It gives me faith in people, faith in this business and faith in humanity that yes, we can be better by lifting each other up.  I helps me to trust that I too can do it that way, and pour into others and create a giving, caring and sharing atmosphere for the people I work with.  That we are all better off by giving, rather than being fearful of what we could lose.  I too will "pay it forward" for someone else.

Had my girlfriends over for diner tonight, did some cooking and was going to post photos but I'm too tired to upload the photos and I got too busy to take after photos.  Maybe tomorrow.

thanks again Patrick!

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