Monday, August 27, 2012

Crunch time!

Oh dear, the weeks are getting longer, the writing shorter, with longer spans between posts.  Its "crunch" time!  I'm working 24/7, well maybe more like 19/7, and I'm still freaking out about getting everything done.  Most nights I fall into bed so late and exhausted there's no time to write, and it'll probably get worse before it gets better.  So please forgive me if these little posts get further apart.  Getting Pizzalina open is the main priority and keeping myself healthy is second.

I've had a couple high anxiety days this last week, I'm trying to keep calm and focused, but whew, there's so many things that you just can't predict.  All your best laid plans, and then S*%# happens.  You gotta zig and zag, and roll with the punches, go with plan B, C and XYZ.  Though you spend months planning, designing, plotting, thinking, it starts to take on a life of its own.  Its like that joke about if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your well laid plans. 

This week the lighting that I fell in love with had to go.  When they got unpacked and ready to hang we discovered they were too heavy for the suspended ceiling.  They would've had to take down the ceiling, insulation and figure out a way to reinforce the framing = more money than I'm willing to spend.  Didn't love 'em THAT much.  So back to the store they went for a newer, lighter chandelier.

The stone counter tops went in this week and they're gorgeous!  The floors were finished and they turned out beautiful.  Michael Brennan finished the oven surround which compliments the Italian wave mosaic perfectly.  We got our preliminary health inspection and it cleared as well as being able to forgo the "sneeze guard" which I was dreading.  The place is really coming together and I'm so happy with the overall look!

We are pretty much through the building phase.  The only thing that's holding us up now is the store front, which was the first thing ordered?!  It was supposed to be delivered this week, but the latest word is that it'll be late the following week.  And of course we cannot get any of our final inspections until that's in and finished.  So I'm trusting that its a blessing in disguise.  We really do need the time to get our staff together and plan out the logistics of working the place.  However, I could REALLY use the income right about now as opposed to the outgo!  Ah the balancing act.....

Today we held our first round of interviews for the staff.  I'm happy to report we've probably identified a third of our staff.  Which is pretty good for our first round.  I put another ad on Craigslist today and we'll be interviewing all week.  So if you know anyone....... send 'em over!

I just can't wait to get open and make killer pizza!  To stand in the middle of the restaurant on a crazy busy night, and watch people eating, and drinking, and laughing, and enjoying each others company. It's the heartbeat of a community, we are more alive together.

cheers to that day, coming soon..........

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