Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Every Day Is One Step Closer

Michael & His Assistant Starting The Wall
I'm so grateful for small victories.  It seems in the last week there have been some very pressing trials, but I thank God for the victories.  I don't know why or what makes it so easy for us as a peoples to concentrate more on what's wrong than on what's good.  The glass is half empty or half full.  I had to remind myself this morning to be grateful for all that is going right (and there is so much) and forget about the hurdles.  I'm sure they will become dim and insignificant when all is said and done.  These tests and trails just make my reserve all the more strong, and I'll have an awesome testimony!

I've had to rethink some of my plans and switch around people for timing and such.  Its been a hard decision and one I don't like to make or feel very good at.  My contractor said I've got to be more of a hard ass, which I agree but I don't think I'm very good at it, though I will say I'm getting better.  It's getting easier to be direct with people.  Its a fine line.

Back Stage

 Thank God for my church and my choir, it's where I recharge.  It's what reminds me to be grateful and put things in perspective.  This week besides having a reunion with my old choir mates, The Lighthouse Singers, my church choir was asked to back up Patti LaBelle at the Concord Pavilion.  It was big time, what an honor to sing with such a mega great talent, and FUN!  It was such a production.  I guess because of my little business I'm trying to orchestrate, I stood in awe of what it takes to organize and produce a show of that magnitude.

Things are really coming together with the space.  Michael Brennan is doing my "art" wall.  Yeah!  Bruce my best buddy and longest friend is painting now.  The floors are almost done.  They should start moving in equipment next week.  Now I just have to get a staff!  Which is harder said than done.  In the mean time there is so much more to do behind the scenes and I feel one step behind the eight ball in so many ways. 

My friends Stephen and Jennifer Simmons opened their new Lincoln Park this weekend and I'm so inspired by what they've accomplished.  I went in tonight for a glass of wine and supper and it was fantastic.  The food was great and the atmosphere buzzing.  I hope that I can open with so much style and grace.  Go, go, go, support them and make your town a more vibrant community!

every day is one step closer!

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