Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anxiety Rising

Oh dear, the days are flying by now.  Each day is jam-packed and I feel there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish all I need to get done.  My lists are growing, my piles of papers is growing, my bills are just beginning, and  I feel my anxiety levels rising.... oh, peace be still!

Last week the building inspector stopped the job on Wednesday.  I still don't exactly understand why or how or who is responsible.  Everybody starts talking loud, rolling their eyes, and saying things like, "well he shoulda", and "every other city", and "I-I-I- don't know".  Meanwhile, I get to write all the checks!  Apparently the "fire-wall" details (which is the code between two adjacent buildings) wasn't in the plans, the specific insulation, baffling, and other construction logistics I don't understand.  What I do understand is my architect had to draw, spec, copy and resubmit to the Town of San Anselmo Building Department.  So in we march Monday morning with the new specs, an addendum, a fee (of course) and I basically had to plead for them to approve it over the counter.  By the grace of God the inspector did approve them right then and there, otherwise we would have had to leave it with them, and God knows how long that would've taken or how many more days would have been lost!  So between the architect fees, and the additional materials and timing fees that just cost me around $5,000 more.

Today was a shopping day at Economy with Chef Douglas, we picked out our smallwares order.  Got about 85% of it done.  Just last minute stuff left.

Yesterday I had a wonderful day.  Reconnected with an old friend on my way up to Healdsburg to do some wine tasting with sister-friend and fellow stew hen, Colleen at DaVero.   May I just say good friends are a blessing and to be cherished!  Not only did she fill my belly with lovely wines, but we went for a dip afterwards.  Just what the doctor ordered!  So on that 90 degree, Sonoma afternoon we paddled about and caught up on life until the cool water had pickled our fingertips and toes.  Perfect!

Do yourself a favor, google DaVero Olive Oil, join their Club DaVero and order yourself some of their incredible wines, oils, etc and you'll be on their mailing list for upcoming special events.  I highly recommend the Chardonnay (and I don't even like Chardonnay), the So'Bianco, the Dolcetto, the Tannat and the Rosso Di Bea.  Kick my own self for not taking pictures!

So then it was up to my mom's house for dinner and she made me some incredible Vichyssoise soup, which is the perfect appetizer on a hot summer night!  And today I had dinner with another friend I haven't seen in awhile.  Like I said, good friends are a blessing and to be cherished!

So call a friend, tell them you cherish them, and enjoy a meal together.  I think the world would be a happier place if we all did that more often!


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