Monday, August 20, 2012

Keep Calm And Eat Pizza

Wow, what a week!  Friday they started moving in all the kitchen equipment and its really starting to look like a restaurant!  My long time friend, Bruce Davies of Empire Painting is doing all the painting and his crew was in all week painting the place.  It's been so great to have my buddy on the job site, his crew is great and a lot of fun, just like Bruce.  There is an ease and confidence that surrounds him and it rubs off on me.  Wish I could keep him around me at all times, it might balance out my high anxiety nature!  Hahaha, working on it!

Michael Brennan and his assistant Natasha came in and knocked out the wall and pizza surround with a very artisan technique of texture and color, then painted some whispy swirls as accents.  He made the best of faux pas on my part.  I had been envisioning some thing, which I learned too late, was actually impossible for the way we had started out.  Luckily he understood the look I was after and made the best of what we had.  I love it, and its a Michael Brennan and the wall now makes the space!

Tomorrow I have to meet with the Health Inspector to try and figure out a way to get around the "sneeze guard" she insisted I have to put up.  Its such a long story, I won't even attempt to explain.  I just pray for cooperation and understanding! 

I'm really excited for tomorrow morning to see the floors done.  I think its really going to finish off the place and look fabulous.  John is a concrete artist who is staining and refinishing the beat up old concrete that was there.  I think the restoration will be nothing short of a miracle!

We are now officially hiring!  I've put up ads on Craigslist, Poached, onsite and going over to College of Marin tomorrow.  So my friends, if you know of any willing, able-bodied, fun, diligent chefs, pizza makers, waiters & bussers, please send them my way!

Coming on the final stretch!  So many little details to finalize.  I'm trying not to panic, stay calm, focus, breathe deep, keep my faith and trust this appointment.

My new motto.......

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