Monday, September 3, 2012

Guarding the Dream
This was a strange and trying week.  Trying my faith and conviction.  My health and strength.  My spirit and peace of mind.  For the first time in this process I have really wondered, what the hell was I thinking!  A regular ol' job sounds really good right about now!  Thank God for my church Sunday, my Pastor preached a message I really needed about guarding your mind from attack!  Sleep deprivation is part of the problem as well as just too many things to do (which comes first?).  So I've tried to lay low this weekend and get some rest and sleep.

The brightest light in my week was a charming visit with Craig Ramini of Ramini Buffalo Mozzarella.  He has three buffalo cheeses ready that he is selling, so I got to taste and marvel at the elegance of these cheeses.  I love what he is doing.  Like myself, he has a passion and drive for what he's doing that borders on the insane when viewed from the wiles of this world, but in fact is the only true and honest way to live; on the edge, true to your gifts, and in harmony with the laws of nature and community.  Its all about the relationship; to the land, the animals, the product, the buyers, the consumers &  even the way the business is conducted.  Yes!  Life is too short and precious to not feel 100% good about who and how you do business!  I can't wait to proudly create with his cheese!

I realize I took no photos this week..... I need a good camera, but that's no excuse.  So many little details now.  Little details that take lots of time!  Trying to get a good staff is harder than I thought.  Five Craigslist adds and we still need more people.  Maybe I shouldn't have bit off lunches and dinners seven nights a week!  Starting to second guess all kinds of things right about now!  All the HR stuff is incredibly daunting.  Again, all the governmental agencies will drive you nuts!  It pays to do it right in the beginning, though laborious. I do have a fabulous Manager on board now, Kelly Caveney who is helping with all the hiring.  Even with Kelly, Douglas my chef and myself, there is just so much to do!

Still waiting for our storefront windows and doors!  Nothing can happen until that's in.  My contractor has been calling morning and night for a week and the story sounds legit, but I'm getting angry about it.  The greatest design in the world isn't any good if you can't deliver.  One of my greatest lessons in this is to make sure you work with people who will do what they say they will do.  Many people will shake their head and say yes, but they aren't even aware of their own limitations.  It's your job to sniff out those limitations and either walk with them, around them, or away from them.  The gift of understanding people is one of the most necessary abilities in this undertaking, and of course, in life.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Welcome to the 'hood. About 3 weeks ago saw your restaurant going in and had to be nosy and look in the windows. My hubby and I are looking forward to coming back for some great pizza and wine, two of our favorite things. Good luck to you! And hope the shopping center has some Italian music piped in during your opening to get people in the mood.

    1. Dear Anita, I second your emotions about the Italian musack! We're still trying to figure out how to hijack the elevator music recently installed. Come in, introduce yourself and we'll have a glass of wine and conversation on the definition of "mood-music"...... Thanks for your feedback! LF