Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, its the final stretch.  Sprint, I should say.  There is so much to do, its insane!  I've lost it several times this week.  Breaking down into a fit of crying, swearing and heart palpitations.  Not necessarily in that order.

Last week so much happened I don't even remember.  Monday they put the first coat of stucco on the front, and we made pizzas!  Our POS was installed Tuesday and its a crazy new system that no one really has time to figure out.  We had our final post construction clean up Wednesday, and while they were cleaning the bathrooms flooded!  At least it happened now and not when we open.  (Please Father in the name of Jesus!)  Panic call to the Landlord and they got roto-rooter out, seems the place hadn't been flushed out in years.  Thursday we had our final with the Health Inspector and WE PASSED!  Just have to add some more lighting, that's a long story......  Fire Marshall gave us our final, now we must wait for the final coat of stucco (next Tuesday) and to dry for our final inspection with the Town of San Anselmo..... Whew.   We finalized the staff and got all the packets together.  Ordered all the paper goods, small wares, beer & wines this week.  Now it all comes in. 

I have a band of angels watching over me.  Literally-physically and literally-spiritually.  I would be DOA if it weren't for my dearest beloved friends who rallied to my call this weekend and made the impossible task of unpacking three pallets of kitchen small wares, stacked four feet tall each; counting, checking, washing, and putting away..... possible.  Last minute odds and ends carpenter hit list (thank you brother Mark).  And then assembling a ridiculous mountain of paperwork that is required to be "compliant" with the various labor boards into "employee packets".  Right, save a tree!  Laws upon laws to try and protect the human species from hurting themselves.  A pass time we seem to have acquired a knack for since the beginning of time. 

If I could work 24/7 with 2 people by my side, I still wouldn't get done all that needs getting done.  Somethings are just getting left undone.  There's a mountain of invoices and I don't even have time to look at them all, let alone file them or shuffle money around fast enough.  I'm getting nervous, anxious and its hard to stay focused on not enough sleep.  And then I hear the words from my Bishop Walter Hawkins' song....."I can take it,  I can make it, I can bare it, with the Lord on my side...... Oh-oh-O....."

Next week I suspect will be even crazier.... we start training the staff on Wednesday.  God give me strength!

Angels watching over me = Password for a free glass of wine when we open!


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  1. Louise,
    Congratulations on your perseverance! I've been watching your progress (and patronizing your neighbor, Swirl), excitedly. Can't wait to lead the stream of happy customers to your door.
    Thanks for your blog -- hearing the joys and pains and aches of opening Pizzalina has given your restaurant such heart. And I know it all comes from you!