Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Count Down!

It is really unbelievable how much has happened in a week!  The front is finally finished, with the exception of  the back ordered lights, we got our final inspection from the town of San Anselmo and started training on Wednesday.  So many little, last minute details, and new equipment to figure out.  It's endless and we've been working round the clock and there's still kinks to iron out, and things left undone for a later date.  You know its going to be hard, you know you'll be working your butt off, but experientialy, it's overwhelming!

We've got a great staff to start off with, although a little bit skeletal, I believe the crew we have are genuinely eager and excited to be a part of the building of a new restaurant.  As I told them, not everyone has the vision and bravery to take a risk on the unknown, and I applaud their courage!  I'm really excited to see the life that unfolds here.

Once again this week, God sent me an angel.... Patrick Coll from Marinitas!  He literally came to our rescue.  Seems a little birdie told him I could use some help and he emailed me the day before our training started and he said, "What do you need, I'll be right down?"  Patrick proceed to help us put the whole training schedule together, made up a large floor plan, brought it in on an easel, brought in coffee the morning of, made up signs, brought extra office supplies anything and everything we needed and just sat with us through two and a half days in case we needed anything!  He sent me someone to help with the kitchen and Jamilah Nixon from Forchetta/Bastoni in Sebastopol to help us with our new iPad POS system.  How do you pay someone like that back!  He said pizza and his friend said, "Pay it forward."

Angels number two and three..... Dan Donahoe from Silver Tap/Free Flow, and Tim Sciascis Brewer at Marin Brew Company, both came to my rescue when the tap system developed problems from a bad installation job.  It just so happens they were both there to train the staff and when they discovered the problem the immediately got on the phone, seeing as I couldn't handle one more blip in the road, and fought my battle..... angels, saints, they are among us!

As I told Pat Fusco from the Pacific Sun this week who came out to look at the place and talk about the process, the juiciest I'll save for my memoirs.  Let me tell you.......

Gotta love the restaurant business, it's very unique.  Please come by and check us out this Wednesday when we will finally open our doors.  And remember the secret pass word is "Angels".


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