Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Victories

So far each day there's more on my "to do list" then on my "to done list"!  I think that's only going to get worse!  Hahaha, but yesterday was a great day!

Got through a first hurdle with the building plans (which should be ready for submission by Friday!) with the CMSA, Central Marin Sanitation Agency.  Seems like a harmless, boring agency, they treat water right?  Well, they are the first to have to sign off on your plans, even before the health department gets to them.  So my contractor, Josh Klein and I went to see Rob Cole the man who is in charge of approving restaurant sanitation plans.  He has the power to say what kind of grease trap is installed in your restaurant (boring stuff for non-restaurateurs) and these days many counties are requiring large, extremely costly, in-ground interceptors.

Well, besides Mr. Cole sending a letter of approval for a simple grease trap application to the head of the health department planning before I even got back home, he was so informative!  Fascinating.  I learned so much about waste treatment and why its so important.  We take so much for granted, turn on the water, its there!  Flush it/pour it down the drain, its gone!  But everything goes to the bay and they have to clean up all our "s#*@" (pardon my french but its true) before it ruins our waters.  Its all a delicate eco-balance of chemistry and engineering.  One thing that shocked me was that they have several amazing school programs available were they'll go into the classrooms for the whole day and provide an amazing, interactive, scientific presentation on how the whole system works and why its important, pay for all the materials, and maybe 2 out of all the schools in Marin are taking advantage of it, the rest don't want to be bothered!  Wow, I thought our schools were hurting due to money, I think its due to complacency!

Then, I got 18 pages of logo ideas from Craig Clark my brothers best friend and graphic designer extraordinaire!  Its going to be so hard to pick!  I sent him an idea I had been all set on and just needed cleaning up, and WOW!  Now I'm thinking a whole new direction!  Deciding is going to be hard, but fun! There's stuff for pizza boxes and packaging, cards, logos, banners, menus, mats.....endless.  I love the little tag, "All the world needs is a little pizza".  Do you think it should say, "a little more pizza", or good pizza?



  1. I vote for more... I love your passion and vision. I'm certain you will do well if YOUR heart and soul are involved. The "to-do list" keeps growing for do-ers. The to-done should grow exponentially and organically but there's always something else you can add to the to-do. Can't wait to try out your new home away from home. Best of luck throughout the opening process.

  2. Can't wait to have your beautiful photographs grace my webpages!

  3. Enjoy your infancy steps... you will soon be high stepping, not half stepping. I'm so happy for you. We'll be right here with you as Pizzalina grows up.
    Chuck & Jan Tumminia

    1. Love you both! Thanks, I know you know the fear & thrill of it all!

  4. I like more pizza first and good pizza second but, regardless of what I think I know your tagline will rep your pizza to the fullest - go girl!!!


    1. I think more it is! Thanks honey for the support! I'm "girl on the go" for sure! ahaha

  5. I like the simplicity of it...
    "All the world needs is a little pizza"

  6. Way to go, Lou!! I'd go with good pizza because Zeus knows there is enough mediocre and bad stuff out there to gag a republican!!

  7. Signed, Freddy Doores

  8. "more" is good and "good" is good. Play with some more fanciful ideas:
    The whole world needs a panoply of pizza
    The whole world needs a little perfect pizza
    The whole world needs a little unparalleled pizza
    The whole world needs a little pizza pizazz
    The whole world is panting for a little perfect pizza
    The world would parish without a little pizza
    The world would parish apart from a little perfect pizza
    The world pants for a little pizza with pizazz
    We all pant for a little perfect pizza
    We all pant for a little unparalleled pizza

  9. Thanks for taking me/us along with you on your epic journey. I guess you won't have time for a hike for a while... All the best of luck and love.

  10. Let's get real here, "All the world needs is Pizza" ; )
    Best of luck!