Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restaurant demolition

Demo on the interior 3/20/12
More before photos.... here's a couple of demolition photos.  We have a long way to go to get to the beautiful restaurant of my dreams.  Today I spent pulling all my samples and pictures for my finishes meeting tomorrow with my architect Bill Craig.  Great guy who is holding my hand through the whole process.  We've got to put the story boards together for all the finishes in the restaurant.  Floors, walls, cabinetry, bathrooms, bar counters and backs, color, feel, theme, all that.  This is the fun and exciting part
Bathroom needs TLC!
Also checking the equipment list from my kitchen designer extraordinaire, George Federighi.  Looks like there's equipment I'm going to have to source and buy myself.  More research, good thing I like doing research! 

Also have to start on my ABC license application.  Its going to take about 4 months I've been told to get my beer and wine license and the application is extensive.  Good thing I'm going to go sing with my choir tonight, I could use some uplifting!

Working plans!

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