Friday, March 30, 2012

The Concept

 Well,  today was supposed to be a big budget meeting.... first of many delays I suppose.  Then I realized there was nowhere on the blog yet that describes my concept!  Silly me, I guess I've been talking about it for so long with most of you, I thought everybody knew!  So I thought I'd go back a little, start with a few pre-restaurant photos, and you might get the picture. Please understand these were pizza parties at my house in preparation for things to come.

But Pizzalina will be a local watering hole that delivers delicious, hand-made food in a lively and casual atmosphere where the passion for life, food, family, friends, & community are all felt the minute you walk in the door.  Customers will feel like part of “the family” as they come into “our house”, gather around the hearth, and break “pizza” together.

Neapolitan style, artisan pizzas will be served in an Italian wood-fired oven.  There will be a selection of antipasto, salads, desserts, and daily and seasonal specials.  Everything on our menu will be either handmade in-house or sourced locally through our friends who have the same passion and commitment to the art of food as we do.  We will be local, sustainable and organic as much as possible  and we’ll be encouraging our friends to bring in their homegrown extra produce, eggs and anything else home farmed or caught for use in the restaurant.   The wine list will be an eclectic mix of California and Italian, and micro brews chosen to complement the food.  We'll be open for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday with the same menu being offered throughout and a brunch menu on Saturday & Sunday.

Customers will want to come for their favorite pizzas, or our market specials of the day.  Almost everything will be cooked in the wood-fired oven.  We'll make all our mozzarella daily.  The dough is handmade daily in the traditional Neapolitan style and is certified by the “Verace Pizza Napoletana”.  Our flour is Italian “00” grind, and we use a natural strain of sourdough yeast from Sicily, which proofs the dough for 3-5 days.  We also offer our own outstanding gluten-free pizza dough and we will have many gluten free items on the menu.

Once a month we will host special events like “Farm to Table” night were we create a whole dinner around a local producer that sits down family style with diners and discusses their farms and products.  We'll also have "Vine to Table nights & "Guest Chef" nights. The interior will be hip, recycled, modern/rustic , and there will be outside heated patio, or you can always take out.  You will always be made to feel at home.

There will be plenty of other surprises too, but rest assured you will always find good, fresh food, prepared and served with love, care and pride.


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