Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eureka, I've Found It!

Yesterday was a great day!  Lot's accomplished.  And even though its nothing tangible right now, I found some resources I've been looking for for some time.  One is a great antique store in the city called Big Daddy......GO!  They're where Restoration Hardward shops and then knocks it off!  They have a store in LA and one here.  I found some beautiful accent pieces, chairs and custom tables made from recycled woods and antique bases from old industrial findings, very cool!  Beau was my sales person who helped me and while he was trying on a new chain mail piece in the store I clicked a photo.  Now his name is Sir Beauregard Lance-O-Lot.  He made my shopping day way fun!  Don't you love this wall of baskets!  I'm thinking a wall of old pizza peels.....

Then it was on to Charyn Restaurant Auction House.  They sell used, recycled, refurbished equipment of all kinds.  I think I'll be able to find some really great deals there when I'm ready to start buying.

A quick stop for lunch at Salumeria, the new hot spot from the folks at Flour & Water.  Great salumi, great sandwiches, great space.  I was totally inspired.  It would be the perfect place to go in next to Pizzalina; a little charcuterie/cheese/wine/sandwich place.  They had some very nice touches that didn't escape my ever increasing sponge brain.

Then I went by the soon to be open, Lincoln Park by my friends Stephen Simmons and wife Jennifer.  They filled me in on all the horrors of the local powers that be, gave me some coaching and forewarnings, a tour, menu tidbits and a wonderful glass of, I think reisling (ah, should'a got the info).  It was great to reconnect with Stephen, its been years, and finally meet Jennifer.  I wish them great success and I know they're going to knock it out of the park!  The place is cozy and beautifully designed and Stephen is an amazing chef.  So don't delay, the minute you see them open, please support them.  San Anselmo needs to re-establish itself as a vibrant, destination town with great food and night life.  We've lost it and we need to get it back!

amen little sister........

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