Sunday, June 10, 2012

Take A Break, Enjoy Your Life

No earth shattering news this week.  Met with more vendors and sellers of "stuff".   Friday was my fun day.  Starting with my nieces graduation in San Francisco and moving on up to Napa to meet my brother for an educational meeting with Tim at the Kitchen Door in Oxbow Market.  He so kindly showed us the wine on tap system they have there.  He explained some of the pitfalls and problems they've had to learn the hard way, gave us some tips as to wineries that do their own program and numerous other, helpful little things you never find out until you're working with the system and what you've got is all wrong!

 From there it was on to the Annual Paradigm Wine Buyers Club Party, where I got to be my brothers guest.  Amazing!  What a beautiful evening.  Plenty of incredible Paradigm wines, Hog Island Oysters, yummy food, dancing and all around merriment.  Just what the doctor ordered, a night of fun!  I was starting to get bogged down and overwhelmed.  Now I feel so much better, I can face this week more productively.

The Harris' are the most wonderful people!  I don't know of any other wine clubs that host such an incredible event for their members for free, at their own home.  I should've taken more photos, but I was too busy having a good time.  So many nice people.  I adore my brother, Sean Crowley who really has become such a integral part of the Paradigm family.  Go Team Paradigm!  Great job and thank you!

This has really stuck with me, and I'm thinking of implementing the idea at Pizzalina.  If we have some kind of dinner club, then every year we can throw a thank you party for all the members.  Maybe not at my dinky house, but somewhere cool.  Hmmmmmm..... Want to be a member?  I'll have to think that one through a bit.  It's in my thinking cap for now.

Just sold off my glass studio. And I'm a bit sad about it.   It wasn't an easy choice to make.  I've been putting it off for months, but its time.   I need the money for Pizzalina and that will have to be my art form for now.

Remember, take a break... enjoy your life!

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