Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stew Hens

The Hens (minus Emily & Loretta) :(
This will be another week of waiting on the building permit, and maybe longer because of the holiday.  I'll try to patiently enjoy this moment of calm before the storm.

What could be a more perfect way to start such a week, than with a glorious luncheon with the "Stew Hens"!  Last week was the Stars Re-Aligned Dinner, and this week its a Re-United Luncheon with the ladies of stars.  This little group of women was started maybe about 15 years ago by Colleen McGlynn, of DaVero Olive Oil, who I believe also coined the
Yummy Soft Shell Crab

English Pea Ravioli with Morels - Heavenly!
name, Stew Hens.  It started as a quaint little dinner party at her house to get together with our women friends who all used to work at Stars.  I'll never forget that one because Colleen had picked up some Peking Ducks from a local market in China Town and built a whole meal around it.  It was memorable to this day!  Colleen, Emily Luchetti, Loretta Keller, Wendy Brucker, Holly Snyder, Franny and myself.  Since then we periodically declare a Stew Hen gathering and whoever can make it, gets together to reminisce, catch up, rekindle, and generally love on, support and encourage each other through life. 

So yesterday Colleen, myself, Wendy Brucker, Holly Snyder, and Lori Theis all got together to celebrate Franny Pasternick being in town from Oaklahoma!  Lori flew in from LA and Holly from Seattle.  Now that's what I call friends!  We had an incredible lunch at Waterbar prepared by Parke Ulrich.  Pete Sittnick took such good care of us we felt like royalty!  The view, the day, the food, the friendship; blessings abound with so much to be grateful for!  The only thing missing was our pals Emily Luchetti and Loretta Keller both out of town on vacation.  They were truly missed, but we'll just have to do it again!

Something about food and friends and fellowship, that just brings life into focus and gives it a real depth of meaning.  To share a meal with friends is one of the most basic and necessary pleasures of life.  To sit around a table, laugh, eat, drink, be merry.  To shake off the worries of the world, enjoy the blessings of friends, share in each others lives the stories that make us unique, yet so very commonly human.  To rekindle the bonds that bind, uplift the spirits to soar, and encourage our hearts on in a crazy world, now that's what I'm takin' about...... real friends!  Love you Hens.....

In the mean time, I ordered the specialty lighting for the dining room, and this week I've got to write an employee manual.  Argh, not the most inspired task!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Grab a friend and BBQ!

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