Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Santa and Elves visit Pizzalina
We wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us at Pizzalina!  With much gratitude for making Pizzalina a thriving, vibrant part of the community and destination for great pizza!  I thank you all for your support, kind words and actions and most of all showing up and being part of laying the foundation for Pizzalina to grow and prosper!

I apologize for the halt in blog posts.  Suffice it to say, I've been too busy.  24/7 too busy.  By the time I get home, not only am I too tired to write, but the last thing I want to do is write about everything that has made me so tired in the first place!  It's like reliving the whole exhausting day.  I know I'll get on the other side of it, and I think I'll be able to at least post once a month from now on.  At least I'll try....

Tomorrow marks our three month birthday.  I can finally go from counting weeks to counting months!  I feel like a mom who sheepishly answers, "ten weeks" when someone asks how old her baby is!  There is something eirily like giving birth to a child in this whole process.  People keep asking me if I'll be opening another Pizzalina and in the back of my mind I keep remembering how I felt after my son was born, how I couldn't even think about another child for at least a year, maybe even two or three, and of course I never had another (child that is).  Pizzalina IS my second child, my baby girl (-lina).  So anyway, we are officially out of infancy now, and counting by months instead of weeks.  Can't wait already for the first birthday, that'll be a celebration!

It's been a wild ride, with many ups and downs, stressful, sleepless nights, long hours, too many days in a row, and I'm embarassed to say some aggravated, not so nice, tirades; all due of course to all of the above, plus some things I can't even mention!  Chalk it up to growing pains.  Literally.  We've gone through a lot in just three short months, and we've had to really get creative.  But I'm proud to say everyone at Pizzalina is working really hard to make it a great success, and I'm truly touched by the loyalty, commraderie and dedication already developed by our staff.

So I vow in this season of Christmas, when the whole reason of the season is about the greatest gift of all, LOVE.... to remember why I did this!  I vow to not get so tired and stressed out and worried over the small stuff, and have faith that we've got a great team that will build Pizzalina into the vision I was given and then some.  I will exercise my faith and not my fear.

Thank you again to all who've supported us.  May your holidays be filled with love and joy, laughter and lightness of being.  And if not, come on in and get some at Pizzalina, or at least a great meal, served with a smile!

 Now... Eat, Drink & Be Merry 
and here's one of my favorite Christmas songs for your holiday enjoyment!


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